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New Service Aimed at Improving Accessibility

Image of staff standing outside shopmobility

Visual courtesy of The Circle

We are excited to be launching a brand new service under The Circle banner which will provide mobility scooters and other mobility to loan on a donation basis at locations around Dundee! The new venture – The Circle Mobility – will be based at Overgate Shopping Centre and will aim to improve accessibility in the city.

The Circle Mobility will integrate the former Shopmobility service, a mobility hire service which was previously based at the shopping centre. The initial relaunch will focus on the original service to provide Overgate customers with better accessibility to the shopping centre.

We plan to expand the service to other Dundee venues, including local amenities, shopping centres and tourist attractions. The Circle Mobility will also aim to provide a city-wide service, delivering equipment to those in need of a short-term mobility aid, from Summer 2024.

The Circle Mobility will open on 11th December 2023, thanks to support from Dundee City Council and Northwood Charitable Trust. After that date, mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs will be available to rent from the site at Overgate Shopping Centre between Monday and Thurday. Additional locations will become available in 2024.

The Circle Mobility will be run by the staff team in conjunction with volunteers, as part of The Circle’s existing volunteer programme, which alongside the social aspect, also offers work experience and internships to those transitioning into the workplace.


News of the service has been welcomed by Dundee groups campaigning for greater accessibility:

Dundee Pensioners’ Forum is delighted that the former Shopmobility service will be opening up again in the Overgate. This will provide much needed support for older people and people with disabilities – allowing them an opportunity to do a bit of shopping in comfort and to soak up the Christmas atmosphere that will be building over the next few weeks.

We do hope it is a success. Now that we are a significant way beyond the worst of the Covid19 Pandemic, many older people and people with disabilities are venturing out into society again – this service will be a great help to them. We wish you well!

Councillor Dorothy A McHugh,

Secretary, Dundee Pensioners’ Forum.


Overgate are delighted to see the re-opening of our customers’ Shopmobility offer.  This will be operated by The Circle who will continue to offer our customers all their assisted shopping needs.

Malcolm Angus,

Centre Manager, CBRE, Property Management FM, Overgate Shopping Centre.


The Circle’s Hub Manager, Martin Cleary said:

We will meet a need within the city centre and hopefully bring some good news to the people of Dundee this December. Access to shopping and social interactions should be easily available to all citizens of the city. Our service will make it a little easier for those who need a chair to comfortably visit the centre.


Source: The Circle

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