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What We Do

Daily we deal with the emails and phone calls that come into our Access Group. On the first Thursday of the month the group meets on Zoom.

At these meetings we review what members have been working on, discuss local access issues, policies and legislation that have come to our attention, and identify the actions we can take to help improve accessibility in Dundee.

Here are some of the items that have been on our agenda:


  • Anne Ramp For many years now Dundee Access Group has been encouraging local business owners to have portable ramps available at their premises to make them wheelchair accessible. Most recently we gave advice to the team who are working on the Union Street Pedestrianisation Project suggesting all its shops with a step access should get a ramp for wheelchair users and that stickers indicating ramp availability should be provided.
  • Dundee Access Group provides portable ramps that can be borrowed for the use of wheelchair users in Dundee.



  • When architects and planners submit plans to Dundee Council, one of the roles of its building standards section is to ensure that all new buildings and extensions meet the current guidance for accessibility and that conversions do so when reasonably practicable. It is extremely useful to them that Dundee Access Group has members prepared to meet architects and planners on site to discuss accessibility within their proposed developments. We are regularly asked to do this.
  • sustrans logoIn 2019 Dundee Council made bids for funding from Sustrans, a charity, which provides funding for projects which make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle on everyday journeys within cities. Since then, Dundee Access Group have been consulted by SUSTRANS on the Active Travel Route between Broughty Ferry and Monifieth and on the Northern Links Travel Plan down Lochee Road, ensuring these routes are also safe for wheelchair users.


Accessible Parking in Dundee

  • This is a subject of ongoing concern to us and this too involves us liaising with Dundee Council. As well as needing accessible parking spaces wheelchair users also need dropped kerbs nearby.
  • Many of our members take part in the Disabled Motoring UK’s Baywatch Surveys which monitor the use of supermarkets’ accessible parking bays.



  • We regularly discuss rail transport matters and keep in touch with Patrick Nyamurundira, Scotrail’s Access and Inclusion Manager regarding Scotrails Accessible Travel policies.


Accessible Taxis

  •  We are always concerned with there being taxis available in Dundee to suit all accessibility needs and that taxi drivers receive training in dealing with people with all disabilities.


Finally, we would like to thank all our members, past and present, who have contributed to improving accessibility in Dundee. It is only with their hard work and commitment that we can help ensure Dundee is an accessible and inclusive city.

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