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Face Covering Exemption Card Scotland

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Disability Equality Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government, is administering the distribution of Face Covering Exemption Cards.

The Scottish Government mandate the wearing of face coverings on transport, most indoor public places and communal areas in workplaces. Face coverings play a role in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

There are situations where some people are unable to, or it would be inappropriate for them, to wear a face covering. The reasons why someone might be exempt are explained on the Exemption Card Scotland website:

You do not need to provide written proof that you are exempt, but if it would make you feel more safe and confident in public and when accessing and using public spaces and services, you can request a face covering exemption card.

You can request a card by completing the online form on the Exemption Card Scotland website:

You can also request a face covering exemption card via a free helpline on 0800 121 6240.

Before requesting an exemption card, please ensure that you are exempt from wearing a face covering for the reasons outlined on the Exemption Card Scotland website.

We recognise that other face covering exemption cards have been produced such as those found below. These cards can still be used.

Face Covering Exemptions Awareness Poster

Face Mask Exemption infographic featuring illustration of a face mask and Disability Equality Scotland logo Also features the following text People are exempt if: They have a disability or health condition that means they cannot put a mask on. They have a disability or health condition that means they cannot put a mask on. A mask will cause them severe distress They need to communicate with someone who relies on lip reading They need to eat, drink or take medicine

It is important to recognise that not everyone can wear a face covering. Disabled people should never face intimidation for not wearing a face covering.

To raise awareness of face covering exemptions, we have produced a poster that you can download in the following formats:

If you have received abuse for not wearing a face covering, visit our Disability Safety Hub for information on how to recognise and report disability hate crime.

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