PRESENT: Anne Farrow, Lillian Malcolm, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Michael Leeland, Jan Goodall, Bill Varney, Carole Craig, Dorothy Wilson, John Mitchell, Morgan Steele.

APOLOGIES: Lynda Sawers, Denis Bethell.


1.     INVITED GUEST:John Whyman, Outdoor Access Officer, Dundee City Council.


John said they been contacted by a Broughty Ferry councillor asking about providing wheelchair access to Broughty Ferry beach. To ascertain support for this they have set up a presentation from The Hamish Foundation who run the St Andrews Beach Wheelchair project. This will be on 26th November at 11:45 in Dundee House and they are hoping to bring together to the presentation as many interested people as possible. A critical part of the project will be to find a group and/or volunteers to manage the project. The other projects in Scotland operate with volunteers and some seasonal support staff who need to be funded. Dundee Access Group are invited to this meeting.





The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2019 were approved.





3.1.          (Re Minute 2.1). Parking on Perth Road. Gopal Narayanan, Dundee Council Traffic Section, thought there was no point in him meeting with Lynda and Carole as they couldnít provide more disabled spaces and blue badge holders could park on double yellow lines. The problem for wheelchair users with that is not being able to get on to the pavement. It was suggested that it might be possible to identify a place where a dropped kerb would solve the problem. Carole and Lynda will discuss this and, if they could do so, send in a request via Dorothy.


3.2.          (Re Minute 2.2). Parking at the V&A. We were happy with the suggestions the V&A had made. Anne will write to them.


3.3.          (Re Minute 2.6). Doors to shops in Perth Road. The owner of the butcherís has installed a bell and put up a sticker to tell customers to use the bell if the need to. He also said he might consider buying a ramp for his shop and we are arranging for a ramp rep to visit his shop and give him advice. Lynda also had a chat with the sales assistant at Goodfellow & Steven with regards to a bell and gave her her email to pass on to the MD of the company. So far, the person hasn't been in touch.  Lynda also gave a sticker to Roseangle Community Kitchen, who were hoping to have a bell up and running as soon as they could.


We noted that Lynda was doing a great job making Perth Road wheelchair friendly, and it was suggested we consider other areas of Dundee. Anne will contact the Boomerang Centre and the Stobswell Forum to ask if they were experiencing any access issues that we might be able to help with.


3.4.          (Re Minute 5.2). Dundee Transport Forum. Jan noted the following at meeting on 4th October

       Agreed to meet 4 times pa. Subgroups as required.

       The Transport Co-ordinator of NHST could be invited. (No one from NHST was present).

       John Berry & Nadine Law have attended NHST working groups on transport. One is called Patient Travel/Access.Others are Volunteer Services and Public Transport. Nicola Mitchell will try to establish contact for the Forum.

       The Transport Bill (2018) (now the Act) was discussed.

       The National Transport Strategy Consultation closes on 23rd October. Nicola, Jan G & David Gardener from DVA to draft a response from the Forum. Community Transport mentioned 4 times, but no commitment to develop its potential.

       The Blether Bus is underused. Mark Devine is to up the marketing. This could be subject of a Forum subgroup.

       DCC still has underused education runs minibuses. Ideas wanted BUT the drivers are only paid until 4pm. David (DVA) suggested family trips in school holidays. Nicola pointed out there is unmet need after three and in evenings.

       A Parish Nurse from the Steeple handed out new maps of Dundee Recovery Services and said transport is a big barrier.





4.1.    Treasurerís report. Sandy reported that he was going to claim from Disability Equality Scotland for the money paid to DBPSS and for He also said that our bank balance is healthy and he encourages our members who travel to any meetings associated with Dundee Access Group to be sure to claim any expenses they incur.


4.2.    Xxxx





By email


5.1              The ALLIANCE weekly Bulletins.


5.2              Inclusion Scotland E-Bulletins.


5.3            Dundee Third Sector Interface Newsletters.


5.4            On 3/10/19 from the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland sending invitation to a free event on 18th October, at the Dundee Science Centre with activities, talks and workshops for everyone to experience how digital technology could support their health and wellbeing.


5.5            On 4/10/19 from SYSTRA sending a consultation to help Dundee City Council to develop proposals for a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) for the city.


5.6            On 4/10/19 from Joanna Mawdsley re disabled parking for the V&A.


5.7            On 10/10/19 from Caley McDowall, SYSTRA, re Broughty Ferry active travel improvements.


5.8            On 14/10/19 from Rachael Higgins, Dundee Council sending info re Finlathen play area proposals and asking us to comment.


Carole & Lynda will visit.


5.9            On 14/10/19 from DVA telling us about Luminate, Scotlandís creative ageing organisation and inviting us to a focus group.


5.10         On 15/10/19 from Field Consulting re briefing prepared by Network Rail and Train Operating Companies regarding upcoming engineering works on the East Coast Main Line and the impact they will have on passengers.


5.11         On 16/10/19 from Inclusion Scotland inviting us to their AGM & Conference on Wednesday 30 October in Dundee.


5.12         On 18/10/19 an Invitation to LNER 2019 Annual Stakeholder Conference on Tuesday 19th November in York.


5.13         On 22/10/19 from Disability Equality Scotland who are working in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service to host an event in Falkirk on 4th November about access to patient transport.


5.14         On 23/10/19 an invitation to an event in Dundee on 4th Nov that will explore the interaction between disability and climate change through the medium of virtual reality art. 


5.15         On 23/10/19 from CILPK who are supporting Stagecoach to host an Open Day on Wednesday 13th November at the South Inch Car Park, Perth where they will have various different buses on show for wheelchair and scooter users to try out and ask questions about.


5.16          On 31/10/19 from DES sending their Annual General Meeting 2019 Draft Minutes.


5.17         On 31/10/19 from Carole Craig sending article - Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban pavement parking.


We were dismayed to here that it would not come into effect for 18 months.



6.     A.O.B.


6.1        Carole and Hannah visited Starbucks in the Overgate and found it impossible to use their disabled toilet. Carole will write to the management about it.


6.2        Carole wanted to remind everyone that Shopmobility, as well as lending out mobility scooters, also lend out both power and manual wheelchairs.


6.3        Carole had visited the Tail End Restaurant again and found that chairs were being stored in the wheelchair refuge area. She will write to their management about it.


6.4        We were asked by Heart Space Yoga for advice as they are refurbishing their premises and relocating the main door. Their plans had stairs which they thought should be changed to a ramp. At the site visit Carole suggested a platform lift might be installed instead.






††† The date of the next meeting is Thursday 5th December 2019.