PRESENT:  Carole Craig, Anne Farrow, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Lynda Sawers, Michael Leeland, Dorothy Wilson.

APOLOGIES:  Jan Goodall, Denis Bethell, Bill Varney, Erik Cramb, Lillian Malcolm, John Mitchell.




The minutes of the meeting held on 7th November 2019 were approved.





2.1.          (Re Minute 1). Broughty Ferry Beach Access. Dorothy attended the presentation on 26th November. She said the meeting was well attended and the presenter very enthusiastic. Broughty Ferry beach is ideally situated for having a beach wheelchair project similar to the one in St Andrews as the infrastructure is already there. What is required is a keen volunteer, or team of keen volunteers, to carry the project forward.


2.2.          (Re minute 3.1). Parking on Perth Road.  The Council was asked if it would be possible to install a dropped kerb at the double yellow lines adjacent to 'Hair Warehouse'. This was considered but the decision was that the location was unsuitable for dropped kerb installation. There are basements associated with businesses there which extend under the footway making it impossible to construct the dropped kerb along with associated utility services. Also, their budget is limited, and they do not install dropped kerbs for people to access vehicles only.


We felt that we had now exhausted all possibilities for getting more disabled parking spaces in Perth Road.


2.3.          (Re minute 3.2). Parking at the V&A. Anne wrote to Joanna Mawdsley saying that we were happy with the solution they had provided and asked that it be put on the Accessibility page of their website. Joanna replied saying she had asked their website team to do so.


2.4.          (Re minute 3.3).  Access to shops in Perth Road. Lynda continues to keep in touch with the shops and will ask the butchers if she can bring a ramp provider to look at the step into his premises.


2.5.          (Re Minute 3.3). Update to Stobswell Area. Anne wrote to the Stobswell Forum and to The Boomerang Centre in Stobswell asking if there was anyone in their organisations who could tell us if there were any difficulties disabled people had in the area.


Dorothy suggested that to extend our project of making buildings accessible in other areas of Dundee, we contact the Local Community Planning Partnership.


2.6.          (Re Minute 3.4). Dorothy noticed that Jan had commented that the blether bus was underused. She suggested that publicity was needed to make people aware of it.


2.7.          (Re Minute 5.8). Finlathen Play Area. Carole and Lynda have been in touch.


2.8.          (Re Minute 6.1). Starbuck’s Toilet. Carole has visited again and will write to Starbuck’s Customer Services.


2.9.          (Re Minute 6.3).  Tailend Restaurant.  The matter has been resolved.


2.10.       (Re Minute 6.4). Heart Space Yoga. Alan has been back in touch saying that he thought that making the alterations he wanted and using a temporary ramp was the best option. We could not condone planning the long-term use of temporary ramps when the premises are at present accessible. Carole will get back in touch with him.





3.1            Treasurer’s Report.  Sandy had applied to DES for a grant.





By email


4.1             ALLIANCE weekly Bulletins.


4.2            Inclusion Scotland E-Bulletins.


4.3            Dundee Third Sector Interface Newsletters.


4.4            On 4/11/19 info re meeting about Broughty Ferry Wheelchair Project.


4.5            On 7/11/19 invitation to Tayside Intergenerational Network meeting in Perth on 13th November.


4.6            On 8/11/19 from CILPK saying that they had worked with Kinross-shire Action Partnership to make Kinross shops more accessible and were delighted to receive funding for portable ramps, bells and signs to provide access into premises which would otherwise be inaccessible to those with impaired mobility due to step access.


Sandy contacted Gillian from CILPK about the funding they received and was told it was given by Kinross Action Partnership which seems to be a quasi-Council organisation. There doesn’t seem to be a similar organisation in Dundee. 


4.7            On 11/11/19 Detailed Briefing on upcoming East Coast Upgrade planned engineering works.


4.8            On 12/11/19 from Alliance Scotland re their next members networking event on Tuesday 3 December 2019 on working in the community.


4.9            On 13/11/19 from John Whyman sending info about the St Andrews Beach Wheelchair presentation.


4.10        On 14/11/19 an invitation to a meeting to be held on 25th November in Dundee by group commissioned by Transport Scotland to undertake projects which will consider future transport investment in Scotland.


4.11        On 14/11/19 from Caley McDowall with an invitation to a Broughty Ferry& Monifieth Active Travel Improvements site visit.


John visited for us.


4.12        On 22/11/19 invitation to Coats n Quilts Coffee Information session.


4.13         On 27/11/19 sending a survey for blue badge holders to fill in re Low Emission Zones in Scottish Cities.


4.14        On 28/11/19 sending info re What's On in Older Peoples Services in November and December.


4.15        On 30/11/19 from Euan’s Guide asking people to share their views on disabled access.


4.16        On 30/11/19 from Nicola Mitchell, DVA asking us to advertise in their Spotlight on Older Peoples Services.


Anne replied. In the advert she said DAG wants to be told about the buildings and places older people or those with disabilities find difficult to use.  


4.17        On 2/12/19 from DES sending the profile for Dundee Access Group that was used at the exhibition they held at Scottish Parliament last week to spotlight the Access Panel Network. 



5.  A.O.B.


        5.1    Lynda informed us that the lift in T J Hughes in the Wellgate is operating again and it should relieve the pressure on the lift in the centre.


       5.2      Carole said that she had gone to a craft fair in the Doubletree Hilton and was dismayed to find that it was being held upstairs when they had no lift. She complained to the management to make them aware that people in wheelchairs couldn’t attend and those with children in buggies were finding it very difficult.


       5.3     Michael thanked all those who had given him feedback for his V&A project.





The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 6th February 2020 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.













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