PRESENT:Anne Farrow, Lillian Malcolm, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Lynda Sawers, Alison Rae, Michael Leeland, Jen Henderson (student).

APOLOGIES: Jan Goodall, Denis Bethell, Bill Varney, Carole Craig, Erik Cramb, Dorothy Wilson, John Mitchell, Daisy Field.




The minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2019 were approved.





2.1.          (Re minute 2.3). Parking on Perth Road. Dorothy took our request for more disabled parking spaces back to Dundee Council and was told that they had no intention of installing another disabled parking bay, and they provided us with a list of spaces that were at present available. We considered that at least one more is required because the spaces either to the north or south of Perth Road are unsuitable because of the gradients to reach them, the one beside Goodfellow & Stevens has no dropped kerb associated with it so there is no way on to the pavement and parking on a double yellow line similarly gives no access to the pavement. We think that a site visit where representatives of DAG meet someone from the Council on Perth Road to demonstrate their difficulties would be helpful. We will ask Dorothy if she can arrange this.


2.2.          (Re minute 2.3). Parking at the V&A. Anne wrote to Joanna Mawdsley who replied saying she was meeting with colleagues in their Operations Department this week to discuss potential solutions and would be back in touch soon.


2.3.          (Re minute 2.6).The door at the Post Office in Perth Road. Lynda has had 3 meetings with Mr Tabra who took over that branch of the Post Office in June and has found he is very keen to make his premises accessible. He has made a bell available at the door so that anyone needing help can call for attention and it now has a sticker beside it to make sure it is seen, and he is going to get in touch with the Post Office to ask if they will help him get an automatic door as they are promoting Accessibility for All.


Lynda then went to the butchers across the road and explained her access problems to him and asked if he too could install a bell. He was happy to oblige and has also provided an accompanying sticker.






3.1            Treasurerís Report.Sandy had nothing new to report.





By email


4.1            ALLIANCE weekly Bulletins.


4.2            Inclusion Scotland E-Bulletins.


4.3            Dundee Third Sector Interface Newsletters.


4.4            On 4/9/19 from Disability Equality Scotland sending notification of their AGM on September 17th.


4.5            On 5/9/19 from Daryl Barr, Gauldie Wright & Partners Architects Ltd, re installation of lift at Albacom.


Carole replied saying that DAG thought it would be best if they did install one.


4.6            On 9/9/19 from Skye & Lochalsh Access Panel requesting our support in having the build of their new hospital frozen until further talks have taken place with a view to the design being amended as there are numerous access issues needing addressed throughout the whole building.


Anne consulted with other DAG members agreed to support their request.


4.7            On 11/9/19 via DVA sending an invitation to a free event entitled The Journey to Age Equality on Saturday 28th to celebrate United Nations International Day of the Older Person.


4.8            On 13/9 from Andrew Patrick-Roberts, Access and Inclusion Manager for Scotrail, saying he is moving to a different job and that Patrick Nyamurundira will be returning.


4.9            On 16/9/19 from Skye & Lochalsh Access Panel asking us to sign a petition to keep a local day-care centre open.


Anne consulted with other DAG members agreed to sign the petition.




4.10        On 17/9/19 from names.co.uk to say that we needed to renew our registration with them for our website address.


Sandy has paid to renew it and Anne has updated the contact details they have for us.


4.11        On 20/9/19 from Inclusion Scotland with an invitation to their AGM and Conference in Dundee 30th October.



5       ††A.O.B.

††††††† 5.1Sandy said that when he visited Shopmobility he asked whether our ramps which are available for the public to borrow were still being used and he was told that they are.


†††††† 5.2††††† Jan sent a note to tell us:††

†††††††††††††††††  In her last note on transport she said she thought the Dundee Transport Forum was no more. But it has been reconvened, to meet on Friday 4th October. She'll let us know of any developments.
After the subsidised 204 bus in the West End was withdrawn, DCC is running the Balgay Blether Bus on a hail and ride route with terminuses at the car park beside the Tartan cafe and at Tesco South Road. She understands it is an accessible minibus. (See the DCC website).





The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 7th November 2019 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.


















web: www.dundeeaccessgroup.co.uk†† ††††††††e-mail: dundeeaccessgroup.org@hotmail.co.uk