PRESENT:† Carole Craig, Anne Farrow, Lillian Malcolm, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Dorothy Wilson, Daisy Field, Lynda Sawers, Michael Leeland.


APOLOGIES:† John Mitchell, Jan Goodall, Bill Varney, Erik Cramb, Denis Bethell, Carole Anderson.




The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd May 2019 were approved.





2.1.          (Re minute 2.1). Walking and Cycling pathways in Broughty Ferry. Anne asked Caley McDowall for an update. She said they hope to hear if the bid has been successful in June.  Then they would look to re-engage with the local community on the proposed designs and Johnís input would be most welcome.


2.2.          (Re minute 2.2). Dundee Station. †Anne consulted with Michael and wrote back to Andrew Marshall Roberts about the need for detailed information about stations and suggesting Dundee Station gets an identified customer help point. †In return, Andrew provided a detailed response about where to find more detailed information about the accessibility of Dundee Station. We are pleased that improvements to Dundee Station are being considered and that the access information that is available to train users is constantly being improved.


Dorothy informed us that there was access information about Dundee Station also available on Euanís Guide.


2.3.          (Re minute 2.2). †Dorothy informed us that Scott Mands, our contact with AccessAble, was off ill so she couldnít ask him about the guide they were going to produce.


2.4.          (Re minute 2.3). †Parking on Perth Road. Lynda had a very useful meeting with Fraser McPherson about parking on Perth Road. He contacted the Council on her behalf and reported back that Dundee Council had a very tight budget for providing dropped kerbs and explained why there would not be one beside the disabled space outside Goodfellow and Steven. He also made inquiries about there only being one disabled parking bay in Perth Road and was told that the local shop owners were vehemently opposed to more being created. Parking in a layby near Boots has not yet been resolved.


Anne contacted John Berry, Dundee Council, but has not had a reply yet.


2.5.          (Re minute 3.2). †Perth Road Places for People. Carole, Lynda and Daisy have been attending meetings organised the West End Community Council and reported that disabled access and disabled parking are being considered and they are impressed by the plans that are being made.


2.6.          (Re minute 5.1). †The V&A. Anne wrote to the Peter Nurick about the problems raised and had a reply from Joanna Mawdsley saying that Peter was off ill and asked us to give her time to discuss them with a wider team.





By email


3.1            The ALLIANCE weekly bulletins.


3.2            On 3/5/19 from DES Info about the Scottish Government's Disability Assistance Consultation.


3.3            On 6/5/19 from Dorothy Wilson sending link to Scottish Government consultation on Changing Places toilets.


3.4            On 9/5/19 from Dundee Rep sending info about discounted tickets for My Left/Right Foot - The Musical.


3.5            On 9/5/19 from Andrew Marshall-Roberts replying to our comments about Dundee Station.


3.6            On 13/5/19 from Disability Equality Scotland re the roadshow they are hosting on the topic of rural bank closures.


3.7            On 14/5/19 from Caley McDowall with update to Broughty Ferry Active Travel Improvements.


3.8            On 15/5/19 from Joanna Mawdsley, V&A, with reply to the problems we raised.


3.9            On 24/5/19 from CILPK with invitation to meeting about Accessible Transport on Trains.


3.10        On 29/5/19 from Dundee Council sending Consultation on Draft Local Housing Strategy 2019 Ė 24.


3.11        On 30/5/19 from DES asking for suggestions of questions to ask Shirley-Anne Somerville, Cabinet Secretary for social security and older people at a Cross Party Group on Disability.


3.12        On 31/5/19 Disability Equality Scotland Newsletter - Issue 18.


4       ††A.O.B.

4.1. ††††Anne said that Disabled Motoring was again doing their Baywatch Survey which asked people to report on the use of blue badge parking spaces every time they visit a supermarket car park in June 2019.


4.2          ††Carole invited everyone to attend the West Endís next Community Council meeting on Tuesday 11th June 2019 in Logie St Johnís (Cross) Parish Church at 7 pm. There will be a Perth Road Community Project Update at the meeting. 


4.3            Lynda raised the issue of the door to the Post Office in Perth Road being too awkward and heavy for her to open. It was suggested she should tell Fraser McPherson and the West End Community Council to see if anything can be done about it.




The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 5th September 2019 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.













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