PRESENT:  Erik Cramb, Anne Farrow, Denis Bethell, Heather Flood, Dorothy Wilson, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Lillian Malcolm, Gordon McDonald.


APOLOGIES: Jan Goodall, Carole Craig, Shona Street.





The minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2017 were approved.





2.1.            (Re Minute 2.1). It was agreed that we would not have a logo.


2.2.            (Re Minute 2.3). Carole spoke to Patrick Nyamurundira at the SDEF AGM but was not at the meeting today to report on the outcome.






3.1              Treasurer’s Report.  Sandy issued copies of our audited accounts for 2016/2017.


3.2              Ramps. The details of our arrangements with Fintry Community Council are still under discussion.


3.3              SDEF.  AGM. Erik, Anne, Carole, Lillian and Gordon all attended the SDEF AGM last month. The most significant outcome of the meeting was that the name Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) was changed to Disability Equality Scotland (DES). There were 2 things at the meeting that concerned us. Firstly, there was no discussion before the vote on the decision to change the name, and secondly, the changeover in the afternoon as people moved between rooms was unsatisfactory mostly because the lifts were too small and the corridors were too narrow for the movement of all the wheelchairs.


Area meeting. Ian Buchanan has written to Dundee Access Group asking us to help SDEF host one of the seven consultation events they are planning to hold throughout Scotland. They will be considering structural changes to the Access Panel Network and they would like a wider consultation with the public and professional bodies as to what they would like from Access Panels.  The info will be fed back to the Scottish Government eventually. Erik will contact Ian to offer our help.


3.4              Wheelchairs. The Unite union had 2 wheelchairs which had previously been used for training purposes but had become surplus to requirements. Thanks to Erik, Sandy and Denise they have now been donated to Shopmobility.


3.5              Website. Thanks to Paul Clancy, executive director of children and families services, we have found a 5th year pupil who has expressed an interest in helping us revamp our website. Anne will meet with him after the October holiday.





By email


4.1            ALLIANCE weekly bulletins and SDEF weekly polls.


4.2            On 4/9/17 via DVA, Lord Provost invitation to Living Wage Showcase on Wednesday 13th September.


4.3            On 5/9/17 from Dorothy Wilson, a reminder to keep Wednesday 27 September free for the Disability and Age Action Group meeting re Dundee Station Consultation.


4.4            On 6/9/17 from Ian Buchanan, SDEF, asking if we would hold an SDEF Consultation event.


Erik will contact Ian.


4.5            On 8/9/17 via DVA an invitation to participate in a Police Scotland Public Survey.


4.6            On 8/9/17 from Anne Farrow sending info re Tesco launching a new scheme to help make sure that their disabled bays are kept free for the use of Blue Badge holders only. The scheme works by Tesco staff using a smart phone app to input details of vehicles parked in disabled bays and not displaying Blue Badges.


4.7            On 9/9/17 from Anne Farrow sending the Disabled Motoring Baywatch results. Sainsbury’s was best of the large supermarkets.


4.8            On 13/9/17 from Scott Mands sending What Stops You Getting Out? Consultation.


4.9            On 13/9/17 via Scott Mands, Dundee Partnership e-bulletin September 2017.


4.10        On 20/9/17 from PAMIS who are looking for drivers and volunteers and are raising money to pay for their Pamiloo.


After discussion we agree to donate £1000 to PAMIS towards their Pamiloo.


4.11        On 20/9/17 from Health Consumer Powerhouse with request for information to help compile their 2017 EURO HEALTH CONSUMER INDEX.


4.12        On 21/9/17 from Dorothy Wilson sending the Powerpoint presentation on Equality in the Workplace she gave to Tayside Integrated Safety Association.


4.13        On 27/9/17 from Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership with info re a meeting to discuss a draft of the Dundee Physical Disability Strategy.


4.14        On 28/9/17 via SDEF sending a request for disabled people to complete a Transport Scotland Survey on Connectivity.


4.15        On 28/9/17 from Gerry Conway, Project Manager, Central Waterfront Team who gave talk at the DAAG meeting requesting feedback about tactile paving.


Dorothy requested that people should fill in the questionnaire Gerry had circulated.


4.16        On 28/9/17 from Jackie Close with invitation to a consultation on Finding a solution to Funeral Poverty in Dundee.

Erik will attend.


4.17        On 28/9/17 from SDEF requesting an update on the activities of DAG.


Anne replied and her contribution should appear in the next SDEF Open Doors publication.



5         A.O.C.B.


5.1              Anne received an email from Anne Smart on 4th October about the lack of access for crossing roads and streets in the Coldside/Fleming Gardens area. Erik agreed to find the appropriate person at Dundee Council to deal with the matter.


5.2              Erik had to attend a meeting at the Scottish Parliament and was surprised to find that they had no spaces that blue badge holders could book.  However, he found a suitable public blue badge space directly across the road.






The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 26th October 2017 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.





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