PRESENT:  Anne Farrow, Erik Cramb, Denis Bethell, Dorothy Wilson, Carole Craig, Lillian Malcolm, Gordon McDonald.


APOLOGIES: Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron, Jan Goodall, Heather Flood.





The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd March 2017 were approved.





2.1.          (Re Minute 2.1). It was agreed that we would decide about a logo later.


2.2.          (Re Minute 4.1). Erik has passed his information about parking spaces to Steve Emmonds but has not had a reply yet.


2.3.          (Re Minute 4.2). Carole has not yet been given a reason for her not being able to book to travel first class. It was suggested that Carole compose a letter stating the problems she had encountered and Dorothy would try to find an appropriate person to give the letter to.


2.4.          (Re Minute 4.4). Planning permission has now been granted for the Regional Sports Centre and work will start in January 2018.






3.1            Treasurer’s Report.  Sandy was not at the meeting but has told Erik that the accounts have been audited.


3.2            Ramps. SDEF has agreed that we can spend part of our grant buying portable ramps. It was suggested that we buy 2 or 3 ramps which we would donate to Fintry Community Council who have indicated that they would be happy to have them and organise their use. This meeting has agreed to this in principal but the finer details about such an arrangement would have to be agreed before any purchase was made.


3.3            SDEF. SDEF sent Erik a paper outlining plans for their restructuring and Erik attended a meeting in Alloa to discuss it. After a further meeting with other Access Panels a revised paper will be issued.





By email


4.1            ALLIANCE weekly bulletins and SDEF weekly polls.


4.2            On 1/6/17 via DVA sending a Survey on the Third Sector Interface Support in Scotland.


4.3            On 5/6/17 from Dorothy Wilson sending the drawings of the revised layout for the Regional Performance Centre for Sport in Caird Park.


4.4            On 5/6/17 via DVA sending a Call for Views on which Acts of the Scottish Parliament should be reviewed.      


4.5             On 6/6/17 via DVA with invitation from Abertay University to a free event on Wednesday 14 June because they want local third sector organisations and social enterprises to know about Abertay and their areas of expertise so that they can explore ideas for joint working in the future.


4.6            On 7/6/17 from University of Stirling who want participants for Patient and Public Involvement Groups.


4.7            On 12 /6/17 from Anne Farrow with details of the Disabled Drivers Baywatch 2017.


4.8            On 16/6/17 from Inclusion Scotland with invitation to Open Government Event in Perth on 29th June.


4.9            On 22/6/17 from Dorothy Wilson requesting a member of DAG attend a meeting of TISA (Tayside Integrated Safety Association) with her on 6th September 2017.


Erik attended the meeting with Dorothy who gave a Powerpoint presentation. Erik suggested having the presentation be made available via our website.


4.10        On 29/6/17 SDEF Voice - Issue 45.


4.11        On 3/7/17 from Dorothy Wilson with info re Pioneering Dundee homes for disabled people launch.


4.12        On 11/7/17 via DVA sending an Invitation to Dundee Third Sector Interface Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 – 2026 Consultation.


Erik attended and was disappointed that there was so little consideration of people with disabilities.


4.13        On 17/7/17 Access News Issue 3.


4.14        On 20/7/17 from SDEF with info re its SDEF AGM 12 September 2017.


4.15        On 26/7/17 from DVA sending details of Dundee Third Sector Interface Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 – 2026 Consultation.


4.16        On 27/7/17 from Karen Tocher Dundee’s Business Tourism Manager suggesting that Dundee did not seem to provide good enough info for people with disabilities who were visiting Dundee, and suggesting we join a group to address this issue.


4.17        On 30/7/17 from John Anderson asking for a copy of our latest Access Guide for people with disabilities.  He was sent a link to our DisabledGo site and replied to say that he was impressed with what Dundee had to offer.


4.18        On 4/8/17 from Anne Farrow who had read that PAMIS now have a Scottish Mobile Changing places toilet referred to as Pamiloo.


4.19        On 7/8/17 from Dorothy Wilson and Gerry Conway, Central waterfront team, coordinating a meeting with DAAG to discuss the Rail Station Development on 27th Sept.


Lillian, Gordon and Fiona will attend.


4.20        On 7/8/17 from Philippa Lyttle asking advice about portable ramps. Christine Wilson spoke to her.


4.21        On 10/8/17 from SDEF sending Consultation on The Role of The Scottish Health Council: Strengthening People’s Voices in Health and Social Care.


4.22        On 16/8/17 from SDEF sending info about the Access Panel Grant and a template for each Access Panel to report their activities quarterly.


4.23        On 1/9/17 from SDEF with info re the Motability event at Ingliston on 23rd Sept. Access Panel grants can be used to reimburse travel expenses.


By Post


4.24        From SDEF Disability Rights Handbook.


4.25        From SDEF Open Doors magazine.


4.26        Kids to Adultz Exhibition leaflet.


4.27        An invitation to the Westpark Conference Centre event to showcase their venue.



5         A.O.C.B.


        5.1      Anne said that our website was now out out-of-date and that she needed a help to improve its content. Lillian & Gordon said that they were going to an event at Abertay on 13th Sept and would try to find a suitable helper there.





The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 5th October 2017 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.





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