PRESENT:  Erik Cramb, Anne Farrow, Carole Craig, Lillian Malcolm, Gordon McDonald, Denis Bethell, Heather Flood, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron.

APOLOGIES: Jan Goodall, Dorothy Wilson, Marie Riley.


1.     INVITED SPEAKER: Steve Emmonds, Parking Leader, Dundee City Council and Mandy Sivewright, Enforcement Operations Supervisor, ‎Dundee City Council attended our meeting. They explained that their jobs were to enforce traffic regulations across Dundee. Their team of traffic wardens issue penalty charge notices which incurs a fine of £60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days) to drivers who have parked where they should not have.  The city centre is patrolled by traffic wardens on foot and further out checks are made using cars.   If we are aware of an abuser of a blue badge space in the city we should report it on 01382432095 and the matter will be investigated.  At present, it is not illegal for a driver to park on a pavement or to block a dropped kerb, but there is a consultation document out now and it is hoped that, after the results are analysed and the Scottish Government considers them, such deeds will incur a fine. One thing we were all surprised to find out was that a blue badge holder must be in the car when it is parked to qualify for free parking; a friend would be parked illegally if they parked the car without a parking ticket so that they could collect the badge holder.


We were grateful to Steve and Mandy for attending our meeting and answering our questions. We felt that they were working hard to ensure that parking in Dundee was managed well.





The minutes of the meeting held on 30th March 2017 were approved.





3.1.          (Re minute 2.6). Jan was pleased to hear that in the longer term the transport solution for the council will be an Integrated Transport Unit (ITU) that will bring together all the key functions of passenger transport delivery under one stream allowing for a more structured approach.


3.2.          (Re minute 3.2). Enough copies of our leaflets and posters were brought in for our present needs. We still need to decide if we want a new logo for Dundee Access Group. Anne will circulate the logos of other Access Groups. Suggestions for a new logo for our group would be welcome.  





4.1            It was agreed that our next AGM should be held before our next meeting on 1st June 2017.


4.2            Ramp it Up Campaign. There was no more to report about the project at present.


4.3            Treasurer’s Report.  Sandy reported that he had given our donation to Dundee Blind and Partially Sighted Society and to Shopmobility. He handed out a draft statement of the accounts for Dundee Access Group which he will now get audited before our AGM next month. He also brought with him the forms necessary to change one of the bank signatures from Marie Riley to Gordon MacDonald.






By email


5.1            On 30/3.17 from Patrick Nyamurundira, Scotrail with info re Dundee Rail Awareness Open Day on 19th April 2017.


Erik attended.


5.2            On 30/3/17 from Graham Jones, APTUS Architects, asking for advice re property in Whitehall Street being renovated.


Anne spoke to Graham and his project is moving forward.


5.3            On 1/4/17 SDEF Voice Issue 42.


5.4            On 2/4/17 from Libby Findlay, University of Dundee, requesting advice and info for a new student coming to Dundee with a disabled husband.


Anne sent info re DisabledGo, Euan’s Guide and Visit Scotland and put her in touch with Shirley Hill.


5.5            On 4/4/17 via Scott Mands, Dundee Council.  Info re Good To Go Out trips.


5.6            On 4/4/17 via Scott Mands, info re Dundee Third Sector Interface’s Voluntary Gateway Outreach Program.


5.7            On 5/4/17 via DVA, a copy of Equality and Human Rights Commission's Business Plan.


5.8            On 11/4/17 from SDEF asking for suggestions for a new Access Panel Newsletter.


After consultation with the group, Anne replied saying that we didn’t feel there was a need for another newsletter.


5.9            On 12/4/17 from DVA inviting nominations for their Volunteer Dundee’s Annual Volunteering Awards.


5.10        On 14/4/17 from DVA giving information on the upcoming Hustings on sustainability and environmental issues in Dundee.


5.11        On 17/4/17 from Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership sending the News Matters Issue 4.


5.12        On 17/4/17 from Leadingham Jameson Rogers + Hynd Architects in Dundee asking for advice for alternatives to a lift for their client’s units at Balgray Works.


Anne sent advice from Dorothy.


5.13        On 17/4/17 from Scottish Charity Regulator with info re data protection reform.


5.14        On 18/4/17 from Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) with invitation to their Health and Social Care Integration event and AGM.


5.15        On 21/4/17 via DVA, inviting help for Help Age Scotland's Big Knit project.


5.16        On 22/4/17 from Andy Johnson, Forestry Commission Scotland, inviting comments on his proposals for potential accessibility improvements at their Tentsmuir site.


Anne replied.


5.17        On 24/4/17 from SDEF saying they are going to have a weekly podcast and the first one will be about Brexit.


5.18        On 24/4/17 from Disabled Living sending a copy of Disabled Living Newsletter April 2017.


5.19        On 25/4/17 from SDEF saying they are holding their AGM at Perth Concert Hall on 27 September 2017.


5.20        On 26/4/17 from ALLIANCE sending their weekly bulletin.


5.21        On 26/4/17 a questionnaire From PatientView on behalf of Deloitte.


5.22        On 28/4/17 from Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership asking for publicity for their My Life Portal site.


5.23        On 28/4/17 from SDEF sending their Access Panel News.


5.24        On 28/4/17 from Anne Farrow re SDEF photo competition. Marie would like to do this.


By Post


5.25         Information from SDEF about their AGM at Perth Concert Hall now being held on 12 September 2017.


Anyone wishing to attend should inform Anne.


6    A.O.C.B.


6.1            Our next AGM will be held before our next meeting at 12.45 on 1st June 2017.





The date of the next meeting is on Thursday 1st June 2017. It will be held after our AGM in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.




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