PRESENT:  Erik Cramb, Anne Farrow, Dorothy Wilson, Marie Riley, Carole Craig, Lillian Malcolm, Gordon McDonald, Denis Bethell, Heather Flood, Sandy Cameron, Denise Cameron.

APOLOGIES:  Shona Street, Jan Goodall.




We were pleased to welcome Philip Holt, Partnerships Manager for DisabledGo to our meeting.  Philip said that DisabledGo were hoping to add 25 new venues to their Dundee site this year and they would welcome suggestions from our group of places to consider by 11th February. These should be emailed to  philip.holt@disabledgo.com . Philip told us that when they carry out their access audits they also give advice to the owners as to how they could make their venues more disabled friendly and indicate how much it would cost. By doing this they hope to increase the number of fully accessible venues. Philip will be running an access audit training day in Dundee on 9th March to which we are all invited. Further details will be sent soon.


DisabledGo’s plans include providing dementia awareness training and upgrading their website.


We thanked Philip for attending our meeting and telling us more about DisabledGo.





The minutes of the meeting held on 1st December 2016 were approved.





3.1.            (Re minute 3.1).  We were pleased to get the trophy sent by SDEF.


3.2.            (Re minute 3.2). Erik had drafted a letter to be given to the Chamber of Commerce to send to its members. It was read out at the meeting and we all approved its contents.


3.3.            (Re minute 6.1).  Denis brought in the old DAG laptop he had at home. We all agreed that it should be scrapped. Heather said that she would ensure that its hard disk was destroyed. Denis agreed to keep the powerpoint projector for now.


3.4.            (Re minute 6.2).  Dorothy said that she was pleased with the event organised at Discovery Point in December. Our group agreed that it was most informative and enjoyable and we thanked her for her part in the organising of it for us.





4.1              Ramps Campaign.  Erik, Gordon and Lillian have spoken to business people in the Fintry area about extending our ramps project into that area. A big problem is identifying who owns the properties and would be responsible for improving access into them.  Erik has agreed to speak to Fintry Community Council where he will explain our hopes of extending our ramps project and he hopes that, with our backing, they will be able to apply for funding to help purchase ramps needed in that area.


4.2              Bus Decision in High Court.  Erik will write to the two bus companies in Dundee and invite them to our next DAG meeting.  We hope to ascertain their policies of handling a situation where a wheelchair user wants to board one of their buses but the wheelchair space is already occupied by a parent with a child in a buggy.


4.3              Treasurer’s Report.  Sandy said that we had received a donation from St Catharine’s fund and told us the present balance in our bank account.


4.4              Donations.  We agreed to give a donation of £250 to Dundee Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted. We also discussed giving donations to Shopmobility and Mobiloo.  Sandy will ask how much of our SDEF grant we would be allowed to give to Shopmobility so that they can buy a needed bariatric mobility scooter.


4.5              Courier Report.  Erik will draft an article for the Courier about DAG winning the SDEF trophy for ‘The Best Community Engagement Project’.





By email


5.1              On 1/12/16 via SDEF, the Scottish Government is setting up a new Social Security system for Scotland and want to recruit people to help them with the new system.


5.2              On 1/2/16 from Transport Planning re consultation on taxi provision in Dundee.


5.3              On 6/12 /16 SDEF Voice Issue 38.


5.4              On 7/12/16 from Dorothy Wilson re gym equipment provision in Dundee.


5.5              On 7/12/16 from Philip Holt re DisabledGo’s Access Guide for Dundee.


5.6              On 9/12/16 via Dorothy Wilson forwarding a copy of Network Rail Inclusive Design Presentation.


5.7              On 12/12/16 from SDEF sending their Open Door Issue 45.


5.8              On 13/12/16 from Voluntary Gateway Dundee sending their e-bulletin.


5.9              On 15/12/16 from SDEF who have been funded to establish a network of contacts to gather feedback from local areas about the changes and developments in accessible travel.


Jan Goodall has agreed to be one of their contacts.


5.10          On 22/12/16 from Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership with consultation on Homelessness Strategic Planning.


5.11          On 22/12/16 SDEF Voice Issue 39.


5.12          On 9/1/17 from Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership (DHSCP) consulting on their Market Facilitation Strategy.


5.13          On 9/1/17 from DHSCP re launch of Dundee and Angus Community Equipment Loan Service.


5.14          On 10/1/17 from Dundee Violence against Women Partnership re Scottish Government Consultation on Draft Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) BillG


5.15          On 11/1/17 Dundee Partnership E-Bulletin Issue 5.


5.16          On 12/1/17 from DHSCP publicising the 2017 Smart Care Convention on 15th February.


5.17          On 12/1/17 info re launch of Access Scottish Theatre’s new website on January 24th.


5.18          On 13/1/17 from SDEF sending a Consultation from the Commission on Parliamentary Reform.


5.19          On 18/1/17 from DVA with details of Pensioners Forum Meeting on 20th January.


5.20          On 20/1/17 SDEF Voice Issue 40.



6    A.O.C.B.


6.1              There was no AOCB.





The date of the next meeting is at 12.45 on Thursday 2nd March 2017 in Thomas Herd House, 10 - 12 Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX.




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